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How do I sign up for the UltraONE program?

To sign up for the UltraONE program, click here. You can also visit the UltraONE kiosk at any location.

What benefits do I receive by being a member?

Members can redeem UltraONE points for showers, Reserve-It! parking, dine-in and quick service meals, merchandise, truck maintenance and tires. Members can also download our Voted Best TruckSmart app, store fuel receipts, receive a birthday gift and redeem special offers.

How do I earn?

Members earn in two ways – Points and UltraCredits.
Members earn points by:

  1. Fueling. New members start by earning one (1) point per gallon of diesel fuel or DEF purchases. Then, the more gallons they purchase in one month, the higher GEAR they achieve for the next month. Point multipliers increase for each GEAR level achieved.
  2. Purchasing Reserve-It! parking. Members will earn one (1) point per $1 spent.
  3. Purchasing truck maintenance, repair and tire* purchases. Members will earn one (1) point per $1 spent. *Some restrictions apply.

Members earn UltraCredits by:
Purchasing a diesel and/or DEF fill of sixty (60) gallons or more. Members will be able to redeem their UltraCredits for a shower. Members who fuel 1,500 or more gallons the prior month will be able to redeem their UltraCredits for a shower, a one-day Standard Reserve-It! parking spot or a meal up to $14 at one of our TA Delis, dine-in or quick-serve restaurants.

How do I know what GEAR I am in?

Depending upon how many gallons fueled in one month, members qualify for a GEAR level. Higher GEAR levels reward at a higher number of points per gallon. Members can earn up to 10,000 points per month just by purchasing diesel fuel and DEF. Members can check their GEAR level any time at any UltraONE Reward Center kiosk, on the TruckSmart app or by logging in here.

How do I know if I have any UltraCredits?

You can check your account for UltraCredits any time at UltraONE kiosks at any TA, Petro or TA Express location, on the TA TruckSmart app or by logging in here.

How do I reach Platinum status in the UltraONE program?

Once drivers reach 20,000 qualifying points, they are considered an UltraONE Platinum Member. Qualifying points include one point per gallon and one point per $1 spent in TA Truck Service. Platinum members receive a complimentary birthday meal, a complimentary beverage with a 75-gallon fill up and two points for every $1 spent on TA Truck Service (oil changes, tires, maintenance, repairs, etc.)

Current UltraONE Platinum Members retain Platinum status in the updated program.

Do UltraCredits expire?

Yes, UltraCredits expire after seven (7) days for first through third GEAR level members and after (10) days for fourth GEAR, MAX Gear and Platinum members.

I am a current Platinum member. Why do my shower credits now expire?

Shower credits have been converted to UltraCredits. UltraCredits for Platinum members now expire after ten (10) days.

I am a current Platinum member. Do I receive preferred parking?

The Platinum benefit for one day of preferred parking per month has been discontinued.

Do UltraONE points expire?

Yes, UltraONE points expire if a member does not use his or her card within a six (6) month period. UltraONE points for active member accounts expire and begin to roll off the account after 24-months.

How many UltraONE points can I earn?

We have raised the limit from 10,000 to 15,000 UltraONE points that can be earned per month for diesel and DEF purchases. Members can still earn unlimited points on TA Truck Service purchases. There is no limit to the number of UltraONE points that can be redeemed per day.

Is there a limit on fueling transactions?

UltraONE members can earn points on up to two (2) fueling transactions per day.

I am a current Platinum member. Do I receive bonus points on fueling transactions above 130 gallons??

No. The Ultra130 program was discontinued in December 2018.

Can I share UltraONE cards?

It is against program rules to share cards. Each driver must have one card per driver. This includes but is not limited to team drivers - including legally married couples. Sharing or transferring cards will result in termination of the account, and all points and UltraCredits will be forfeited.

Can UltraONE members use UltraONE points or UltraCredits to pay for parking?

Yes! One of the biggest advantages to the new program is the flexibility in redeeming UltraCredits. Gear 4 and Max Gear members can use UltraCredits for reserved parking, showers or towards a meal. UltraONE points can be used by all members to pay for reserved parking, showers or towards a meal.

How many UltraCredits can I earn and use per day?

Standard members can earn up to one (1) UltraCredit per day and Platinum members can now earn up to two (2) UltraCredits per day, as part of their status. All members can redeem up to two (2) UltraCredits 24-hour period.

Can I check my GEAR level and UltraCredits on an app?

Yes! The TruckSmart app lets you check your UltraONE Gear level, see how many UltraCredits you’ve earned, reserve a parking spot, get a spot in a TA Truck Service bay, and so much more. Available on iPhone and Android, download the TruckSmart app today from Apple® App Store or in the Google® Play Store

What are the benefits of being a Platinum member?

The new UltraONE program was designed to reward our most loyal customers. Platinum members can now earn two (2) UltraCredits per day. UltraCredits will expire on a rolling 10-day schedule. Platinum members also receive a free birthday meal, free beverage with a 75-gallon diesel purchase, free check cashing and fax service, and 2x points for every $1 spent on on qualifying TA Truck Service.

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