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Ta Petro
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 UltraCredits are your credits, your way.

As an active UltraONE member, you will earn an UltraCredit reward for fill-ups of 60-gallons or more fueled at TA, Petro or TA Express locations. Standard UltraONE Members can earn up to one (1) UltraCredit per day. Platinum UltraONE Members can earn up to two (2) UltraCredits per day.

In First, Second and Third Gears, you can redeem UltraCredits for a shower. In Fourth and Max Gears, you can choose how to redeem your UltraCredits, either for a shower, a meal or a reserved parking spot. The more you fuel at TA, Petro and TA Express locations, the more your UltraCredits are worth.

Through the TruckSmart app, Gear 4 and MAX Gear members have the ability to use their UltraCredits for more than showers - you can use them to pay for parking or towards a meal - giving you flexibility to redeem them when and where you want.

UltraONE Members can amass up to 10 UltraCredits on their account. UltraCredits for Standard Members expire after seven (7) days and expire after 10 days for Platinum Members.

UltraONE Benefits grid

The only way to earn Gear points is to be an UltraONE member. Click here to sign up or check your membership status and start earning!

Standard Members can earn up to one (1) UltraCredit per day. Platinum members can earn up to two (2) UltraCredits per day.

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